Share Your Story

Follow these easy steps to submit your nursing story.

Step 1

Think about the message you would like to share from your nursing journey. The prompts at the bottom of this page may help you get started.

Step 2

Decide if you would like to submit a video or written story.

Step 3

Complete Media Release form, which allows us to post your story and photos or video.

Step 4

Email your story, signed media release and photo or video to

Important for ALL Submissions
  • Include your full name, credentials and workplace with your submission. Your role and credentials will be displayed on the website

  • Assure no protected health information (PHI) is included in your story.

  • Stories from two or three nurses together are also accepted.

  • Include your email address so we can contact you if necessary.

  • Make certain to include a signed media release for each person.

Video Submission
  • Develop a 1-2 minute video; using a smart phone is fine.

  • Use a tripod, if possible.

  • Be comfortable; sit behind a desk.

  • Hold phone or camera horizontally/landscape.

  • A mid-chest or head shot is preferred.

  • Speak clearly and check that the volume is sufficient to be heard.

  • Take a deep breath, introduce yourself and tell your story—you know this better than anyone else!

Written Submission
  • Write the thoughts you would like to share with others.

  • Aim for about 300 words, but don’t worry if you go over.

  • Tell your story; our editors will make any needed corrections.

  • Submit a picture of yourself that is of good resolution.

Story Prompts

The following prompts may provide ideas to develop your story. Feel free to be creative.


  • Describe your professional role and responsibilities in nursing.

  • What education and experiences can help other nurses interested in a role like yours?

  • What makes you proud to be a nurse?

  • Describe a situation where you made a difference in a patient's care or experience (no PHI).

  • Describe how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you and your practice.

  • What amazed you during the COVID pandemic?

  • Was there a nurse that influenced you during your education or career?  Write a tribute to that nurse.

  • Are you a nursing student?  Share the reason you chose nursing, your nursing experiences to date and goals.

  • Discuss how you overcame challenges and/or fears on your nursing journey.

  • Tell a story about a patient you will never forget (no PHI).

  • What advice would you offer to a person interested in becoming a nurse?

  • Share your thoughts on what can nurses do to address social inequities in our society

  • Describe the reasons and challenges faced in seeking another degree or moving to another position. What was the outcome?

  • What impact do you have on the profession of nursing?

  • Describe a situation where you influenced another nurse's career.

  • Explain how you keep your passion and enthusiasm for nursing alive.

  • Discuss a learning experience that changed your practice.

  • Describe experiences of interprofessional collaboration that improved patient outcomes.

  • How do you see nursing driving changes in healthcare?

  • Why is life-long learning important to you and how would you encourage others to embrace this mindset?

  • Describe your involvement in a professional organization.  How does it influence your practice?

  • Discuss how you developed the leadership skills (formal and informal) you use in clinical practice.


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