YON 2020 Day 2: Barbara Moran, BSN, MBA


I often speak of the art and science of nursing. The science is the part that patients depend on us to know and get right in order to maintain the highest quality of care possible. The art of nursing is what patients remember – how you make each patient feel as if they are the single patient you have all day long. When we share a part of ourselves with our patients–a gentle touch, hope, comfort and compassion–we also renew ourselves.

The art of nursing is something that comes from deep within each nurse. When I look at the nurses that work at St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, I feel an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude as they live out our healing mission every day.

They continually reignite my passion and enthusiasm for nursing. The endless well of compassion and caring that they share with our patients is an inspiration to me. The countless times that I have seen them go the extra mile, the tears I have seen them cry with patients and families or the smiles they give so easily to everyone. They continually demonstrate the art of nursing. Nursing can be a hard profession, but a little glimmer of thankfulness from a patient, a family member or one of your fellow nurses keeps us coming back. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does it keeps that passion burning bright.

I have been thankful all my life for the privilege of being a nurse. It has brought smiles, tears, exhaustion and joy but above all a deep sense of fulfillment by being able to help others.

Barbara Moran, BSN, MBA Chief Nursing Officer, St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

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