YON 2022 Day 78: Shyla Garrison, Inspiring Story about Faith


"I have been living with the care of my patients for 47 years, every day." says Shyla Garrison, a nurse that just adores her job but there are some sad moments. Discover her story in the following article.

"47 years - It's almost a human life. All these years, I continued to learn, I took new specialization courses, I created and lead teams and I was with thousands of people ", says Shyla, head nurse at the Medical Center in Ohio, Garfield.

She has a wide smile, serene eyes. Shyla holds his hands with subtle elegance. She currently leads a team of 60 nurses at the Ohio Medical Center, which is one of the largest medical institutions on the left bank of Ohio. Shyla coordinates the work of his colleagues in the pediatric and inherited hospital, the Consultative Hospital, and the diagnosis and treatment department. Her workdays start with morning sessions because every patient is a priority. Organizational work, as well as direct nursing responsibilities, requires as much dedication as salon visits and health care for women, expectant mothers, and newborns.

But her face is saddened when she tells us what financial difficulties his patients are going through. They had to seek funding for medical loans, from banks, private institutions, credit unions, and the government. It is all because they didn't have health insurance. I didn’t what to suggest them and remembered only several companies that provide medical loans for people in need: PeerForm - loans for medical expenses, CreditMedical - loans for cosmetic surgeries, and ArogyaFinance - medicine loans for bad credit.

I love my job very much. I've dedicated my whole life to helping people - it's nothing more important than human health. What else do I want, after 47 years of career? To learn more, to implement in our institution everything that is new in the world, innovative standards and protocols. I would like to do my second degree, even in the field of nursing, I feel that I could move the mountains.”

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