YON 2020 Day 333: Grace Davis, BSN, RN

Relatively new in her role a Nurse Manager at Cleveland Clinic's Hillcrest Hospital, Grace Davis, BSN, RN, explains how she remains passionate and enthusiastic about nursing. She also reflects on what has expanded her thinking and drive for life-long learning.

In March of this year, I began a new role as the Nurse Manager on 4 West Tower, although this unit has always been my home. I started there as a patient care nursing assistant approximately 5 years ago and ultimately accepted my first registered nurse position as a new graduate with my bachelor’s degree. Next, I enrolled in a graduate program with plans to become a nurse practitioner and obtain my master’s degree. This, I thought, was the next step in the order of progress, when a really unexpected, but positive opportunity presented itself to become Assistant Manager on the unit. I worked as the assistant manager in the day/evening position and then transitioned to day shift entirely. Finally, discovering a newly found passion for leadership, the patient population, and the rare and dedicated team on 4 West Tower, I took a chance and applied for the Nurse Manager position. To my pleasant surprise, I was offered the position and I readily accepted. As a result, I have now changed to the Executive Leadership specialty track within the master’s program in which I am enrolled.

First and foremost, I truly believe I was born to be in the world of nursing. The constant self-reminder, that I am honored to have the opportunity to come to work each day and do what I do motivates me. I cannot imagine doing anything else--without nursing, I would be left living an unfulfilled life. My passion for nursing has been revitalized within the Nurse Manager role as I now have the power to influence and empower my team and help them discover the passions living within themselves. It is so rewarding to see a nurse I have coached or grown have a positive interaction with a patient or prevent a negative patient outcome. That experience makes me strive to continue to make a positive impact.

The world of nursing is so unique in that it is always changing. Having interviewed many new graduates, I have found that the most common answer to the question of why they want to be a nurse is “I want to help people.” On the other hand, while as a nurse I strive to make a difference in the lives of others, I have found that patients have so much to offer me. I have learned the most from my patients. Now, in the manager role, I learn from my staff. I have also been very fortunate to be surrounded by role models in leadership positions who have demonstrated for me the importance of always seeking out new learning experiences within the nursing for professional growth. Leaders that I look up to still have things to learn, which means the opportunities for learning for me, are endless.

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