YON 2020 Day 303: Tonya Lloyd-Nanni, BSN, RN, CNOR

While working in the operating room, it was an experience outside of the OR that greatly influenced Tonya Lloyd-Nanni, BSN, RN, CNOR, and led her to set a personal goal.

I have been with University Hospitals for the past 31 years. I started out as a scrub tech in Bishop OR and came to Mather OR when it opened. In 1999, I became a RN and worked primarily in neurosurgery as a scrub tech and as a nurse. Then I transitioned into the charge nurse role. From there I became a Surgical Coordinator.

While I have had wonderful coworkers, mentors, and leadership teams throughout the years, the person that had the biggest impact on my career was Cathy Koppelman. I served in the role of the Magnet representative for the OR. During that time I attended the Coordinating Council which was chaired by Ms. Koppelman. I learned so much during this period. It was a great experience to see how nurses functioned outside of the OR. Cathy was very adamant that a vote was not taken unless the voting body had 50% representation from staff nurses. I saw firsthand how involved nurses could be in the decisions that impact us every day through shared governance. When we talk about transformational leadership, we are talking about Cathy Koppelman.

During this time, also with Cathy, I worked on a committee that created the Professional Practice Model. I participated in discussions regarding the Institute of Medicine’s report of the Future of Nursing. One of the goals in this report was to have 80% of the nursing staff be at the BSN level by 2020. It was during these meetings that I decided to obtain my BSN. Although I was grandfathered, this was what motivated me to go back to school; I will complete this personal goal in 2020.

When sharing some of my experiences during my classes, I can say that as a nurse I am fortunate to work in an environment that has so many opportunities for nurses to be involved and to create change.

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