YON 2020 Day 277: Michelle Kessie, BSN, RN

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

A Level 3 RN Care Coordination nurse working in Home Care Services at University Hospitals, Michelle Kessie, BSN, RN, shares two points in her career: the point when she discovered the passion about home care, and the point when she felt she had come full circle.

The Year of the Nurse is mind-boggling to me as it is hard to comprehend that I have been a nurse for almost 30 years. The path that got me where I am today has been incredible. I have met many amazing people beginning during nursing school clinicals. One in particular helped guided me on my path. She was a home care nurse. While working with her for our eight-week rotation I found my passion. I loved everything about home care nursing, the travel to clear your mind, the one on one time with the patients and caregivers, and the autonomy of the practice.

My career has taken me in a few directions and I am sure will continue to evolve. Now as a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence (WOC) Home Care Nurse, I make a difference everyday with patients, caregivers, and colleagues. I do this by sharing my knowledge, experiences, and passion.

During my career, it is not unusual to be asked to help another team member. This day was different as it happened to be a clinical day for some nursing students. I met a lovely nursing student who was very interested in ostomy care. She had even chosen to present to her team later that day after working with me. I had her shadow me for the couple of patients. She was eager to learn. She listened during the first patient interaction, in normal fashion. Then she “did” during the second one, under my direction. Then after a trip to the supply room, she gathered the supplies she needed to teach her peers the very basics of ostomy care. She shared with me that her plan was to pursue WOC Nursing. She told me she would be going into home care.

This interaction brought me full circle. For I once was that eager young nurse looking for inspiration and now I was the inspiration.

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