YON 2020 Day 256: Jennifer Horn, MS, BSN, RN

Having worked in both intensive care and emergency areas, Jennifer Horn, MS, BSN, RN, transitioned into a unique role in Cleveland Clinic’s THRIVE Program. She provides details about this special program and discusses what she discovered about nursing as she took on her new role.

I am the Program Manager for Cleveland Clinic’s Transformational Healthcare Readiness through Innovative Vocational Education (THRIVE) Program. THRIVE is funded by the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. Our goal is to increase Patient Care Nursing Assistant retention. We coordinate comprehensive support throughout caregivers’ first year, including help both inside and outside of work. Before this, I served as an intensive care and emergency room nurse.

When I first began this role, I feared that I would lose everything that made me a nurse. I love caring for people, facilitating improvements to their health, and putting intelligence into life-saving action. What I learned when I got into this role was that nursing never leaves you, and in fact, it elevates you. Nurses work in high-stress high-skill environments. We coordinate large amounts of tasks, some exceedingly delicate and others challenging. We can say the most sensitive things to people while maintaining their respect and dignity. Nurses humble themselves persistently, asking even “dumb” questions to ensure that they can safely and effectively provide care. We ultimately benefit from this inquisition because we quickly learn complex processes at a granular level.

I am privileged to be a nurse because I continue to reap the benefits of those engrained skills. I see nurses in leadership roles all around me, and there is no doubt in my mind why I continue to see them succeed. Nurses have the skill, intelligence, heart, and vision to run a successful code and also a thriving program. We are masters of coordination, communication, and compassion. I am thrilled that I have not only retained my nursing identity, but that I still get to live it every day. Nurses are driving changes in healthcare, and I am honored to be a part of that drive.

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