YON 2020 Day 194: Joy Watts, RN

Passionate about her nursing career, Joy Watts, RN, brings her enthusiasm to her patients in her role as a home care nurse at Cleveland Clinic.

Keeping my passion and enthusiasm for nursing alive is easy for me. I have always been a caretaker, wanting to help others. Nursing provides me with internal fulfillment. Each day presents a new and wonderful challenge. It is never the same old thing, the same way, or the same time. Nurses walk into a room, a home, an office and begin to assess what they can do to help--how to make things better, how to help fix a problem. As a home care nurse, I ask myself what I need to tweak to make it easier, safer, kinder, and healthier for my patient.

Nurses began making changes in the health care system way back in the beginning with Florence Nightingale. She made a difference then, just as nurses make a difference today and every day. Nurses provide the day-to-day hands-on care needed for most patients. We use equipment, techniques and procedures and we know whether they work or not. Nurses can use that knowledge and expertise to develop effective, efficient, quality care.

Just as a nurse tries to find a way to change the things around her, she also finds a way to change herself, always looking to improve. After all, doesn't knowledge mean power? And what is more powerful than a knowledgeable nurse? Each morning I hit the floor running, a little slower than I used to (though my mind doesn't know that), with a hunger to see what Nursing is going to throw my way today.

Nurses can and do make a difference, and I take pride in being part of that. I guess nursing runs in my (really good, easy to stick, never rolling) veins.

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