YON 2020 Day 93: Jeremy M. Jarzembak, MA, BSN, BS, RN

Serving as Senior Lecturer and Simulation Lab Coordinator at Kent State University College of Nursing, Jeremy M. Jarzembak, MA, BSN, BS, RN, is also a doctoral student in informatics. He describes how he combines his passion for nursing education and informatics, and offers advice to others.

In my role as a nurse educator, I teach students in both the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs at the Kent State University (KSU) College of Nursing. As an educator, I am fully engaged in student success by introducing students to the field of nursing and cultivating their knowledge and skills. I teach a variety of courses ranging from critical care nursing to basic and advanced informatics. I also develop and program nursing simulation experiences, enabling me to pass on knowledge obtained from my 17 years of nursing to many different students. My role as an educator allows me to help mentor and shape young professional nurses to see the value a professional nurse can bring to healthcare.

My advice to those interested in the nursing profession would be to not be afraid--nursing is one of the most rewarding professions. The flexibility and career opportunities available to professional nurses are endless. In caring for individuals, a nursing career not only offers a higher feeling of purpose, but also allows nurses to pursue ever-expanding roles involving patient care, leadership, mentoring, education, and healthcare processes and policy. This career choice allows nurses to grow and develop personally in ways that many other careers are not able to provide. Nurses are constantly tested and given opportunities for growth with far-reaching impact.

My role as a nurse educator for the KSU College of Nursing includes serving as both Senior Lecturer and Simulation Lab Coordinator, roles heavily informed by the field of nursing informatics. Currently I am a PhD student in informatics. The best advice I can give to those also interested in this field is to seek out graduate programs in this area. My interest in nursing informatics stemmed from my ongoing interest in technology and how those tools can impact patient care. As a new nurse, I was always volunteering for advanced training on any new device, documentation system, or patient care technology being deployed. I wanted to be the one to help troubleshoot and teach other users how to maximize the benefits of health information technologies. To me, complete care for patients involved extending the technology as an extension of myself to ensure I was exploiting every possible option to give patients the best experience.

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