YON 2020 Day 87: Sandra Paci, BSN, RN

Being a patient advocate and empowering colleagues is very important to Sandra Paci, BSN, RN. She explains her passion and the reasons for it in her story.

Currently I am a nurse at Cleveland Clinic in the Digestive Disease Surgical Institute. Over the course of my nursing career, my path has involved work in clinical settings that include the surgical intensive care unit and endoscopy department. I am also pursuing a Master’s degree at Ursuline College, with the goal of becoming an advanced practice nurse practitioner.

As nurses, we strive to make an impact on people’s daily lives. I influence the nursing profession through everyday experiences by exhibiting strong leadership skills, being a patient advocate, and being an empowering team member. I express strong leadership skills through being inspiring, having strong communication skills, and being a positive role model to the entire healthcare team. As a patient advocate, I help ensure patients can voice their concerns, educate patients and families, and ensure patient safety. I value empowering fellow nurses by taking on the responsibility of charge nurse, being a member of CORE team, and serving as a preceptor.

Nursing is a unique field that allows you to experience the good, the bad, and the sad obstacles in life. Nurses have a continued passion for helping people. I thrive on continued education and knowledge. The healthcare field brings on challenging obstacles that we should embrace and learn from. Many of the relationships I have formed in my nursing career are relationships that will follow me throughout life.

Advice I would offer others interested in nursing--never give up. Be influential, have confidence, learn from mistakes, and be competent in what you are doing. An effective nurse is caring, understanding, and empathetic with all types of different people.

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