YON 2020 Day 77: Michele Martynyszyn, RN

As the Manager of Organ Services at Lifebanc, Michele Martynyszyn, RN, explains the central role that nurses working in organ procurement play in the lives of both donors and recipients. This unique nursing role has a tremendous impact on so many levels.

Assisting in healing and saving lives is the greatest reward nurses who work for Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO’s) experience. My name is Michele Martynyszyn, and I am the Manager of Organ Services at Lifebanc, in Cleveland Ohio. In 2019, Lifebanc’s Procurement staff, which includes 11 Registered Nurses, assisted in saving 454 lives through the gift of organ donation.

The critical care nurses at Lifebanc have a central role in the organ donation process. From identifying potential organ donors, managing the care of donors, allocating organs to potential recipients, and assisting in organ recoveries and logistics, our nurses have a positive impact on many individuals during the donation process. Lifebanc’s nurses, who are available 24 hours a day, work this unique schedule to ensure donation is always an option to families experiencing the loss of a loved one. This group of nurses show their passion through the hard work and dedication that they continuously display to our donors, donor hospitals and donor families.

With advanced knowledge of organ donation, understanding of clinical and technical aspects, as well as moral considerations, this group of nurses can assist in a positive outcome from a tragedy that has been experienced by another. There is a large gap between the need for and the supply of organ donors. Our nurses make it their passion to fill this gap for individuals on the transplant waiting list. The impact that Lifebanc’s nurses have on the profession of nursing creates an environment that promotes a positive learning experience both professionally and personally.

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