YON 2020 Day 59: LaShariah Williams, Nursing Student

LaShariah Williams is a graduate of the Cleveland Clinic ASPIRE Nurse Scholars Program and a current nursing student at Cuyahoga Community College.

My name is LaShariah Williams and I am in my first semester of nursing school at Cuyahoga Community College. Currently I work as a Patient Care Nursing Assistant (PCNA) at Cleveland Clinic. I participated in the ASPIRE Nurse Scholars Program during my junior and senior years of high school. ASPIRE had a major influence on my nursing journey--I am currently enrolled to earn my Associate of Science in Nursing Degree. At a young age, ASPIRE helped me to build the foundation I needed by enhancing my interpersonal skills while teaching me about nursing as a career.

Being an active member of ASPIRE influenced my practice by allowing me to learn new skills that I implement while providing care as a PCNA. I’ve been trained in diversity and inclusion, basic knowledge involving patient care, and being familiar with the healing environment. ASPIRE helped me to build my character and grow as a person, allowing me to feel confident and not be afraid to ask questions.

I keep my passion and enthusiasm for nursing alive by having an impact on other people’s lives. That is what keeps me going every day. It’s motivational to be able to hear that you changed or impacted someone else’s life and made them feel better along their healing process. Being able to show empathy for others is what brings out the passion in me for nursing. Working with a great team of experienced professionals, my colleagues, and my ASPIRE mentor also helps me stay motivated. I know I have a great support system behind me.

Overall, my journey through ASPIRE changed my life and helped me to become the person I am today. As far as my nursing career, I am always learning and growing as an individual. I look forward to where my success may lead me.

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