YON 2020 Day 46: Mark Kader, BS, MS, RN

Mark Kader, BS, MS, RN, a cardiac catheterization registered nurse at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, shares his thoughts on being a nurse.

Working as a registered nurse in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, I orient new hires for our lab and other labs within the system. I strive to provide a well-rounded orientation for staff and continually keep up-to-date on research and studies to improve the care of our patients. I utilize my knowledge from my combined experiences working in the CICU, Cath Lab, and ER. I love to learn and see how new technology and innovation influence the practice of nursing every day.

For me, being a nurse means having passion, professionalism, compassion, and concern for patients. Even though every day may seem filled with the same cases, every patient is different. I need to be ready for anything because when it comes to the patient experience, some patients are more comfortable in hospital surroundings and others are scared to death. It is important to step into each situation with a fresh perspective and know that this one is different because the patient is different.

I try to be encouraging to my peers, especially those who feel as if they have failed because the outcome was not as desired. Sometimes we can do everything right, but still have a poor patient outcome. This does not mean we have failed; we were there for the patient and now are there to support the family.

What advice would I give to someone considering nursing? Do not become a nurse for the schedule or the pay. Rather, become a nurse to make a difference and have the motivation and desire to help people.

Nurses drive change in healthcare because they are at the bedside from the time the patient arrives until the time they leave. Patients may not remember much about their stays, but they will always remember the care provided by nurses.

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