YON 2020 Day 38: Patricia Schrull, DNP, MBA, M.Ed., RN, CNE

Welcome to the Year of the Nurse!

As the director of the nursing program at Lorain County Community College and a faculty member, I would like to share four insights for those interested in becoming faculty at a college or university.

Education: At minimum you must have an MSN. Your degree needs to be in nursing, does not always need to be advance practice as an APN. Additionally, any credentials you have towards education is a plus. The NLN has the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) available.

Teaching Experience: Prior teaching experience is a must if you want a faculty position. Working part time as a lab or clinical instructor at a college or university can help boost your experience on your resume. Plus you will become a familiar face with other faculty including the directors and deans so when positions become available, you are known to the organization.

Networking: It is so important to get out into the nursing community and become known to your colleagues. Volunteer to be on committees that extend outside of your nursing workplace. Now is the time to join organizations such as the Ohio League for Nursing (OLN) whose focus is nursing education in Ohio with the National League for Nursing (NLN) being the national organization. Joining a board is another great way to network and meet new people with new interests.

Finally, if you are fortunate enough to interview for a position, share why you are the best for the position. Think to yourself “Why should they hire me above all the other applicants?” Keep that in mind as you work towards becoming an educator.

Working as faculty in nursing is enjoyable and rewarding. To be able to make a difference with our future nurses is well worth all the efforts we will put into the position.

Patricia Schrull, DNP, MBA, M.Ed., RN, CNE, is a faculty member and the director of the nursing program at Lorain County Community College.

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