YON 2020 Day 336: Cory Adkins, Clinical Technician and Nursing Student

Working as a Clinical Technician at Cleveland Clinic led Cory Adkins to begin studying nursing at Lorain County Community College. The nurse role models he encountered effected his decision about his future career. The lessons he learned from them will continue to influence his practice as a registered nurse.

Having been a medic in the United States Army, I always felt the need to serve and help others. My time as a medic was cut short however, when I was stabbed in the eye in 2011. I can recall being at a doctor's appointment right after the accident still trying to process that this injury was likely going to result in a discharge. My doctor could see that I was upset, and asked me about it. His response was something I have never forgotten. He said, “There are many ways to serve, there are tons of opportunities out there.”

Becoming a nurse was something that I had not put much thought into until I started working at the Cleveland Clinic in 2017. I started working as a Clinical Technician on an adult epilepsy floor, and this opened my eyes to the world of nursing. I got to see first-hand how the nurses there affect not only the patient’s stay in the hospital, but their lives moving forward. They can make a time that is very difficult for a patient that much better just by being kind and compassionate.

It wasn’t long after I started this job, that I knew a career in nursing was what I was going to pursue. One nurse that specifically comes to mind when I think about the type of nurse I strive to be, is Saskia Dean, a nurse with whom I work. She treats each patient as if they were a member of her family. The level of care she provides, and attention she puts into her work is of the highest level. She also goes above and beyond to help all of her coworkers, and is a great mentor to new nurses.

As I enter into my own nursing career, these are exactly the qualities I will strive to maintain.

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