YON 2020 Day 328: Lauren Abfall, Nursing Student

Eager to graduate from Lorain County Community College (LCCC) and begin her nursing career, Lauren Abfall recounts her journey, the void she was feeling, and the experience that clinched her decision to begin studying nursing.

I come from a family of nurses so I have always had the inclination that I would be a nurse too. However, with a complete twist, I decided to join the United Sates Air Force looking to make a difference in our world and help others in need. My military career was full of amazing learning opportunities and experiences that I will never take for granted, but there was still something missing.

As I was coming close to the end of my service contract, I was still not aware of what I wanted to do to fill the void I was feeling. Until one night on patrol, I responded to a motor vehicle crash involving a family with children. In the middle of nowhere, with the lack of emergency services and delayed response time, it was up to my partner and me to perform life saving measures until actual medical help arrived. I walked away that night immediately knowing what I was meant to do. I needed to take my calm composure, and the problem solving, team oriented, quick adaptation skills that I’ve gained from the Air Force, and apply them to a future of nursing.

Fast-forward three years and here I am, 4 weeks away from graduating. I could not be more excited to do something that means so much to me. Nursing is such a challenging but rewarding career. I had to push myself to persevere on days I wanted to give up. I had to use my military background to keep my motivation alive during the rigors of intense schoolwork. With the amazing professors and clinical instructors from LCCC, I am entering the nursing world with the confidence and compassion that I’ve been working hard for from the start. I am pursuing a career in the ICU and I will always look back at that one night on patrol and remember--this is why you are where you are. Take your experiences, learn from them, grow from them, and save the next life.

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