YON 2020 Day 310: Brittany Sano, BSN, RN

Having recently moved into a clinical educator role for perioperative services, Brittany Sano, BSN, RN, explains how she was always drawn to surgical services and how she shifted her practice due to the pandemic.

I have been a Registered Nurse for three years since graduating from Kent State University Salem in 2017 with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. After graduation, I worked in the emergency department at the Cleveland Clinic. I had been told while in school that I had to have critical care experience to work in the operating room (OR). It wasn’t until after being the in emergency department for a year that I found out I did not need that experience to go to the OR. I always knew I wanted to specialize in the OR and that I wanted to work in the trauma service line. In 2018 I moved to the OR. When COVID-19 started, I volunteered to redeploy to work in the COVID ICU and then worked at the screening entrances of University Hospitals after that.

In May, after elective surgeries resumed, I was able to return to the OR. I mainly circulate in trauma and emergency surgeries. I enjoy the rush of adrenaline these cases give me and I also love that I can help someone at their worst. I have overcome many obstacles to get where I am today. These range from medical problems all the way through to personal obstacles. I drive roughly an hour to and from work every day, which is just like the hour I drove to and from nursing school. Currently I am working as a clinical educator for perioperative services. I have only been doing that for about two months, but I really enjoy it.

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