YON 2020 Day 299: Maria Barsa, RN, MSN, CPN

A Nurse Manager at Fairview Hospital, Maria Barsa, RN, MSN, CPN, explains the special care that children require and shares her vision of the nursing profession.

Throughout the 33 years I have been a RN, my career has always involved some facet of pediatric care and nursing leadership.

My nursing career started at Fairview Hospital where I still work today. As a young nurse, I knew caring for pediatric patients was my passion. Children are so vulnerable, yet so resilient. They need nurses to care for and nurture them while they are experiencing what could be a tragic event or critical illness. Caring for pediatric patients involves the utmost compassion and understanding. Our patients don’t always communicate well and often times cannot verbalize how they are feeling. It is the nurse who gives them assurance and encouragement. It is the pediatric nurse who understands how difficult being in a hospital is to a child and the affects that may have. It is our job to help them cope and alleviate their stress.

Some great nursing leaders influenced my career over the years. As a young nurse, I carefully watched and listened, and was influenced in a positive way by what I saw. I became a Nurse Manager in 2005, and my drive and passion for the nursing profession and nursing leadership continues. I fully support advanced education, professional certification, and participation in professional organizations. I encourage nurses to step outside their comfort zone and try something new or different.

Our profession offers many avenues and I encourage nurses to seize these opportunities. I believe in giving chances, and having faith in the potential of others. I support working with new nurses as well as nursing students and watching as they absorb everything. Promoting the profession of nursing takes enthusiasm, belief, knowledge, and passion. I never get tired of showing up, coming to work, and seeing what the day holds for our patients and my staff.

What a great time to celebrate the Year of the Nurse. It is a time to honor all nurses who display compassion, understanding, and empathy during some of the most difficult times we may ever see in our careers. Simply, a time to say Thank You!

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