YON 2020 Day 298: Zeana Abdelghani, LPN

The road became rocky for Zeana Abdelghani, LPN, after she made the decision to continue her education to move from her LPN role to that of a RN. She recounts the challenges she faced and the assistance she received from Lorain County Community College where she is a student and remains determined to reach her goal.

In August of 2018, I decided to go back to school to work on obtaining my RN. I started once again taking classes at the local community college while I worked as an LPN. The journey to obtaining my dream of becoming an RN got rough in November of 2019. While at work as an LPN, my car got vandalized. I thought it was the coworker who harassed me and I called the police. The day after my car was vandalized, I went to work as scheduled. The coworker that harassed me threatened to kill me. She was also an LPN. I also lost my job that day due to safety concerns, and the employer forced me to resign. They fired the coworker the next day.

The following month, I got a few jobs at different nursing agencies. I loved to go to different nursing homes and tried to make a difference in the lives of the elderly patients there. More setbacks came in March of this year when the COVID 19 stay at home orders were implanted. I had to put my work as an LPN on hold and home school my children while attending nursing courses online myself. I remain focused on obtaining my goal of becoming a registered nurse. I was able to get day care at the college for my sons this fall semester. The services offered by the college have assisted me with what I need so I can work toward my Associates Degree in Nursing. My path to becoming an RN has been a long journey, but I will never stop until I become a registered nurse.

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