YON 2020 Day 237: Kristine Adams, MSN, CNP

Responsible for overseeing Care Management & Ambulatory Services at Cleveland Clinic, Kristine Adams, MSN, CNP, details the contributions of nurses in non-traditional specialties and explains the attributes that allow them to make a difference in the lives of others.

When people think of a nurse, they often think of someone who works inside of a hospital caring for sick patients. One of the beautiful things about a career in nursing is all the non-traditional specialties in which nurses have the opportunity to serve. A nurse’s clinical background opens up a variety of opportunities in Care Management, Utilization Management, Care Coordination, Home Care, Ambulatory Clinics, and Hospice. Eighty percent (80%) of any person’s health and wellness is effected by where they live, work, and play. Having nurses support individuals in disease prevention, finding resources in their community for food and housing, caring for them in their homes, and then being there for a patient and family at the end of life and supporting a peaceful death.

It is a privilege to be allowed into our patients’ world to care for them, often over long periods of time in their lives. It also is a privilege to lead teams of nurses that do this work every day. As the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer (ACNO) of Care Management and Ambulatory Services at Cleveland Clinic, managing constant change, and supporting the skills required to innovate on the fly, to be flexible and creative, and to put the patient and family first, are core to everything I do each day.

This week, for example, I received a call from Materials Management saying there were 12 pallets of personal protective equipment (PPE) that needed to be distributed to the community as a donation. My nurses all mobilized and found the churches, synagogues, mosques, homeless shelters, respite facilities, and schools where these supplies were needed to keep people there safe. They formed supply chains and distribution processes, getting the very necessary PPE in the hands of those who they know need it. In this Year of the Nurse, I celebrate these community nurses and am grateful for their contributions to our neighborhoods and communities.

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