YON 2020 Day 229: Nancy A. Dyer, RN, BSN

Her nursing journey led Nancy A. Dyer, RN, BSN, to accept the role of Transitional Care Coordinator at Summa Health System. She explains the responsibilities of that role and offers advice to other nurses for their journeys.

When in my nursing career I first started in the role of Transitional Care Coordinator, I was informed that I would be “The Captain of the Ship” and the “Go to Person” for the physicians to help guide the plan of care and provide support to our Utilization Management Department to ensure appropriate medical necessity. I was fresh and eager to enroll in this intense multi-tasking position that requires working with the interdisciplinary team to provide optimum care for our patients and provide them with quality outcomes.

My background is mostly in Cardiology, with experience in Diagnostic and Interventional procedures, Telemetry, Medical-Surgical, Endoscopy, and Management. All of that hands-on experience provided me with a diverse background and knowledge. This allows me to review a patient’s plan of care for completeness, to ensure appropriate labs, medications, and therapy needs, including ongoing monitoring for medical necessity for length of stay and reason for readmission. This discipline of nursing requires flexibility, resourcefulness, and being able to independently problem solve. Nurses can drive changes in healthcare by being the advocate for patients, bridging communication with the interdisciplinary team, and ensuring appropriate level of care, decreased length of stay and a good experience for the patients and their families

It used to be a very rewarding feeling to have touched a patient and assisted in either saving their life or contributing to an outcome that would provide them with an extended life. In this role, I have the privilege to contribute to their possibly having a better quality of life.

My nursing career has been quite a journey. It is never boring, and I look forward to being a part of many more experiences. I would encourage anyone who has chosen the nursing pathway to try new challenges and find the route through which you want to touch a patient’s life and make all the difference for them.

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