YON 2020 Day 225: Marti Bauschka, MBA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC

During this Year of the Nurse, Marti Bauschka, MBA, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer at Southwest General Health Center, reflects on the significant contributions of the nurses in her organization, highlighting their many achievements.

It has been a sincere privilege to have served in the role of Chief Nursing Officer in Northeast Ohio for over 30 years. In that capacity, I have been honored to represent so many engaged and committed nurses as they participate in the professional practice of nursing in the myriad venues within which contemporary care is now provided.

The past few years have been especially rewarding. The great legacy of quality care at Southwest General would not be, but for the exceptional talent, passion and dedication of the nursing team to their patients, profession and organization. I have always believed that the greatest predictor of great quality outcomes for our patients begins and ends with an engaged team of providers. Our recent achievement of the Pathway to Excellence© designation for the organization speaks to a culture of empowerment and interprofessional collaboration so important to successful professional practice. It has been so rewarding to participate in, advocate for, and guide this transformational endeavor. Validating the exceptional practice environment and team of nursing providers was our recent notification by the Emergency Nurses Association that both our Brunswick and main campus Emergency Departments were each awarded the prestigious Lantern Award©!

Most significantly, on the heels of this designation was what I observed in the response of our nursing team to the demands of the Covid19 crisis. From the leaders to the direct care staff, the selfless flexibility, focus, and innovation that was brought to the bedside daily was amazing. My colleagues never failed to step up to the clinical challenges presented to them, advocating for their patients, and for each other, in a practice environment within which their voices were heard because of the credibility and integrity that they have consistently demonstrated in their ongoing practice. Florence Nightingale would certainly be proud of her legacy reflected in her nurses at Southwest General! I certainly could not be more gratified to work with them.

As I reflect on my career in this Year of the Nurse, I marvel at how prophetic it was for us all and I am so grateful that I have been privileged to participate in it with colleagues in my own organization and across our wonderful community!

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