YON 2020 Day 221: Carrie Paliga, BSN, RN

Currently the Clinical Manager of the Brunswick ED at Southwest General Health Center, Carrie Paliga, BSN, RN, reflects on her three decades as a nurse. She describes those activities that have allowed her to grow and remain passionate about nursing.

I been a nurse for thirty-one years, spending the past fifteen at Southwest General Health Center. The past five years of my career have been in management. I started as the Assistant Clinical Manager of the Brunswick Emergency Department and currently I am the Clinical Manager. At Southwest, I have had so many opportunities to learn and grow. Prior to my management role, I was a member of the quality committee. Once becoming a manager, I found this experience helped me to educate my nursing staff.

This year has been very exciting year for me. I had the opportunity to be involved in our Professional Practice Council, which created a new nursing clinical ladder. I am thrilled to say I was a part of Southwest General’s journey to receiving the Pathway to Excellence designation. The time spent during this process was rewarding, especially since it was such a collaborative, team effort between and with staff nurses.

As a member of the Emergency Nursing Association (ENA), I have been able to learn so much more about our professional organization and interact with other ER nurses.This year in collaboration with the ED director, I took on the challenge of applying for the prestigious ENA Lantern Award. This month Brunswick ED received the Lantern Designation Award! These opportunities keep my love and passion for nursing alive and growing.I encourage everyone to keep growing and never give up.

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