YON 2020 Day 220: Jasmine S. Romeo, MSN, APRN WHNP-BC

Passionate about her profession, Jasmine Romeo, MSN, APRN WHNP-BC, offers advice anyone interested in a nursing career. She also shares what keeps her passion and enthusiasm for nursing alive.

I would encourage anyone thinking about becoming a nurse to keep an open mind and examine all options in the nursing field, because it is such a diverse field. Bedside nursing is the “traditional” role most people think of when thinking of nursing, but it is so much more than that. Being a nurse means that you are an educator, a family facilitator, a communicator between the patient and physician or other healthcare workers, a comforter, and so much more. In addition to patient care, nurses play in important role in public policy, education, and IT, to name a few.

My love of life-long learning helps keep my passion for nursing burning. There is new research being conducted on a continuous basis.Reading articles about new findings and technology and finding ways to use new evidence in my nursing practice is exciting to me. I also find joy in educating my patients. Whenever I am able to teach a patient something that betters their health, or when I can help patient connect a piece of information and they have that “aha!” moment, I can really feel that I’m fulfilling my purpose.

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