YON 2020 Day 209: Dusty Burke, MSN RNC; Nora Knipper, MSN, NEA-BC; & Kitty Russ, MSN, MSHA, RNC

The members of this Women’s & Children’s Services leadership team at Fairview Hospital describe how they engaged caregivers and used interprofessional collaboration to make a significant change in the experience of their patients.

From Left to Right: Dusty Burke, MSN, RNC, Nurse Manager Fairview Family Birth Place & High Risk OB; Nora Knipper, MSN, NEA-BC, Nurse Manager Mother Baby Unit; and Kitty Russ, MSN, MSHA, RNC, Nurse Manger Birthing Center.

Our goal in the mission of “patients first” was to improve nursing communication HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores. As our patients are shared between units and our service, we thought it best to meet this goal as an interprofessional team. We employed the help of our Continuous Improvement Department and Nurse Practice Council representatives from each of our units to develop an A3 problem solving approach to meet our goal. As the second largest delivering hospital in Ohio, we knew the positive impact that meeting this goal would ultimately have on the patient experience as a whole.

An engaged team of caregivers is crucial to the success of any goal. Knowing this, our leadership team rounded together to share the project with the key stakeholders and were transparent in providing HCAHPS scores and verbatim patient comments. This allowed the caregivers to provide thoughtful feedback and take ownership of their role in providing the best patient experience. Each unit focused on a particular action that would have the greatest impact on moving the metrics in a positive direction.

As a result of this collaborative effort, we exceeded the top box target in the nursing communication domain for all four quarters of 2019. We have also continued to exceed this target thus far in 2020. In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, our caregivers have not lost sight of our goal of putting the patient first. They have been fluid in tailoring the care they provide in order to best meet the patients’ expectations, while maintaining safety and quality. We are confident that as a united Women’s & Children’s service line, we will continue the interprofessional collaboration on nursing communication to provide the best patient care.

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