YON 2020 Day 207: Maria Austin, RN, and Jolie Austin, nursing student

Today’s Year of the Nurse story is a double-header from a mother-daughter team, both of whom work at University Hospitals. Maria Austin, RN, works in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) while her daughter, Jolie Austin, is a nursing assistant in the operating room. Their stories reflect the ties between different generations of nurses.


My name is Maria Austin and I came to UH 37 years after my older sister Dina, who was a nurse here, brought me into the UH family. I work in the PACU as an RN, but I also am a charge nurse. I have always loved being a nurse and took this home to my three children and husband Jim. This career also allowed me to raise my family while maintaining my passion for my own career and the changes we have experienced as an industry through the years. I heard about the NAII program and recognized it as a great opportunity for my daughter at OSU (Go Buckeyes!).

Every day, Jolie and I have conversations about the way I learned nursing and the way Jolie is learning today. She is able change my mindset with her new perspectives and I am able to share my experience with her. This helps both of us grow as nurses.


My name is Jolie Austin. I am a senior nursing student at the Ohio State University. Growing up, I heard countless stories at the dinner table about my mom’s day at work. With each story, my interest for the world of surgical nursing grew. During my junior year at OSU, I shadowed in the pediatric OR. I heard about the NAII position in the OR at UH and started last year. I started in general and moved to Orthopedics, and now total joints. Watching the team relationships and learning how the team works together and have been my favorite experiences. It has been meaningful to me to hand off patients to my mom’s unit. I see how hard she works to keep the PACU organized. She also has the ability to keep her coworkers in great spirits.

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