YON 2020 Day 205: Brenda Huya, LPN, ADON

Nicole Willis, Director of Social Services at Wesleyan Village/Wesleyan Meadows in Elyria, submitted this story about Brenda Huya, LPN, who serves as the Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) there. She describes Brenda’s responsibilities and her dedication to both patients and staff.

As the Assistant Director of Nursing, Brenda is in charge of the Skilled Unit at Wesleyan Village. Her responsibilities include managing staffing issues, family concerns, and ensuring that residents receive the best care. Brenda’s role at Wesleyan Village is directing the nurses on the floor and showing them what it takes to make it in long-term care nursing. She is a role model to the floor staff as she leads her team to taking excellent care for the residents at the Village. She has always gone above and beyond what is asked of her in her daily job.

Brenda states that her passion and enthusiasm for nursing stays alive when she hears the impact she has on staff and residents. “When a staff member, resident or family member has told you that you have made an impact on them, it makes you feel good about your work,” says Brenda. “Whether it’s a staff member telling me that I’ve helped them grow as a nurse, or a resident or family thanking me for the extraordinary care we’ve provided, it always makes me work harder as a nurse. There are days when it gets tough, but having someone reach out about how pleased they are with my team makes me feel good about what I do on a daily basis.”

Brenda expressed that she has learned a lot from becoming an Assistant Director of Nursing. Originally, her nursing career began on the floor working with residents every day. Brenda was offered this leadership role years ago, and has continued to learn and grow. “Taking a management position in a nursing home is an eye opener,” states Brenda. “As a floor staff you sometimes wonder what management does in their offices all day, but becoming an ADON has made me realize how much goes on behind the scenes.” Brenda goes on further to say that not only has this job taught her about the behind the scenes of nursing, but also about leadership. Brenda sums it up this way, “Being an ADON or a leader in nursing home is an honor because I help those in need every day, while assisting nurses every day grow in their field.”

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