YON 2020 Day 199: Lisa Onseko, DNP-CNP

Combining her practice as a nurse practitioner with teaching in an NP program allows Lisa Onseko, DNP-CNP, make her mark with the profession. She explains how her dual role sparks her passion for nursing.

As an APRN certified as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, I have been fortunate to work in a primary care practice for almost 18 years. This has really been my “dream job.” After precepting students for several years, I was offered a position as a lecturer at Kent State University’s College of Nursing. I have had several roles there, including teaching in the Adult, Acute and Family NP programs, being the Concentration Coordinator, and now the Director of the DNP program. Both positions--practice, and teaching have complemented each other in that I precept our NP students in our practice and am able to instruct them in a hands-on learning environment. It is during clinicals that I feel I am able to teach at my best in one on one interactions. This also keeps me up to date on my own continuing education and knowledge of current evidence-based practice.

I have always tried to remember how it feels to be a student and learning everything there is to know for the first time. This has really evolved for me over the years of teaching NP students. I think with more experience in both practice and teaching, I have come to understand the importance and value of what we do as nurses in advanced practice for our patients, the community, and our profession. This sparks my passion to know that I may leave a small footprint on the education of a future NP. I also realize the vitality of being a good role model for new NPs and this excites me to be able to pave the way for future generations of APRNs.

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