YON 2020 Day 181: Danielle Wagner

A May 2020 graduate of the ADN program at Lorain County Community College, Danielle Wagner shares her experiences as a nursing student during the start of the pandemic, and the important insights the experiences left with her.

The coronavirus pandemic hit my area of Ohio during the last 8 weeks of my nursing education. The nursing program as a whole shows nursing students the amount of dedication needed to become a registered nurse and be trusted with the lives of others; COVID-19 demonstrated this concept entirely. This pandemic hitting, especially in my final 8 weeks, ironically just after our ICU rotation, showed the resilience and adaptability of the nursing profession as a whole.

Within weeks the nurse instructors for our program adapted and found ways to keep going despite the numerous obstacles, while utilizing the nursing fundamentals we have had instilled in us the past 2 years--teamwork and collaboration, informatics, evidence-based practice, patient- centered care, quality improvement, and safety.

As I watched our nursing instructors sacrifice and adapt, I also watched the nursing world adapt. I watched nurses as a nation come together, fly to areas where there was a lack of nurses and lack of PPE. They came together united and found a way to do their best despite the horrible obstacles they were given. For me personally, the pandemic not only made me realize the importance of nursing and how to put the fundamentals we have been taught into practice, but also that nursing is definitely a calling and I was definitely meant to be a nurse.

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