YON 2020 Day 18: Timothy M. Gaspar, PhD, RN

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Describe your role and advice you would give a person interested in nursing.

Timothy M. Gaspar, PhD, RN serves as the Dean and Professor at Cleveland State University – School of Nursing. Dr. Gaspar serves as the chief nursing officer for the School of Nursing responsible for all major administrative/leadership aspects for academic nursing programs, scholarship and research, service to our community of interest, and the practice of nursing.

It is an exciting time to consider nursing as a profession.

Registered Nurses and our professional nursing organizations support the goal of a better educated workforce with baccalaureate prepared nurses, nurses with advanced degrees in nursing (MSN/PhD/DNP), and a more diverse and inclusive workforce with the ultimate goal of improving the health of our communities. Nurses do this by leading the way with quality and safety in healthcare, advocating for health policy that directly impact the health of our communities and the populations served as well as the provision of direct care.

The millennial generation will exceed the number of the baby-boomer generation primarily due to retirements in the next year. We entrust the care the millennials and those generations who follow them to deliver expert nursing care in future integrated value-based models community-based of care to the baby-boomers and their seniors as well as their children and grandchildren.

What should you look for as you develop as a nurse? Look for academic programs that help you understand and experience integrated value-based models of care. Consider your career development with a strong emphasis on organizational leadership, primary care, behavioral health and community-based healthcare with interprofessional care delivery, quality improvement and a keen consideration to health economics.

Every person deserves the care of a professional nurse during their lifetime.

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