YON 2020 Day 170: Ne'Chelle Nicole Sanders, BSN, RN

Beginning with her time as a nursing student, Ne’Chelle Nicole Sanders, BSN, RN, felt she needed to do more to promote mental health and help those who are challenged with these illnesses. She is doing so now as a nurse on the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Unit at Fairview Hospital.

When I share my passion for mental health and my work as a psychiatric nurse, I have experienced individuals who have a withdrawn reaction. However, this reaction in particular fuels my drive! Mental health and illness are global issues that are neglected. Many individuals have perplexed feelings towards these issues and are uneducated regarding the different diagnoses and their effects.

My passion for mental health was ignited during my psychiatric clinical rotation. I recall thinking to myself “There has to be more.” My urge to contribute to this specialty is what impelled my desire to work first hand with those experiencing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional distress.

Our adolescent psychiatric unit at Fairview is striving and prospering daily in its efforts to support and manage mental health and illness efficiently. By employing therapeutic structure and resources, we are able to assist our patients with coping and functioning in everyday life. Being a part of this team is extremely rewarding! Moving forward I hope to play a bigger role in implementing growth and awareness in this profession.

A nurse's job goes beyond caregiving! We are educators, managers, professionals, colleagues, and advocators. It is critical we understand that mental health is not guaranteed. A person can be overcome by mental illness in a blink of an eye. It is a vital part of life. As nurses, we must be influential in ensuring that an individual’s mental wellness is just as essential as their physical wellbeing.

I would advise someone interested in this profession to remember that you do not have to be in someone else’s predicament, physically or mentally, to empathize with their human feelings.

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