YON 2020 Day 162: Alice Brown, RN, BSBM, BSN

Alice Brown, RN, BSBM, BSN, vividly illustrates her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. Brown's enthusiasm for her profession is evident as she reflects on her career path and how she finally found her place in nursing. She also discusses why she is so passionate about nursing and her work at Lutheran Hospital’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center.

While attending Cleveland Public schools in the 1960’s/70’s, I had a dream to one day become a nurse. I was that girl who ran with a band-aid in hand to care for classmates who had scraped a knee. However, life took me in another direction, and I actually worked in corporate America for more than 25 years.

One fall day I decided it was time to be serious and consider my 30-year goal and enrolled in a full-time nursing program. It was challenging, but I knew sheer determination and faith would make my dream come to fruition. Today and forever more, I am Nurse Alice!

Nursing has always been my passion and it’s much more than a job, it’s my ministry. It keeps my blood boiling and fills me with humility. I appreciate the amazing interdisciplinary team I work with to deliver the care our patients deserve. At times, they have to reel me in with their lassos (stethoscopes) when I’m attempting to chart on two computers while carrying a dinner tray. I would advise all new nurses to learn delegation early in their careers.

As a new nurse, I wanted to cure the world single handedly. However, I have learned that teamwork is the better approach and provides the best outcome for patients and nurses. The bumpy ride has been so worth the RISE. My chosen career in nursing has truly been unimaginable, a “whirlwind” at times but a “world win” at the end of the day. I hope if anyone ever has to share a memory of me as their caregiver, my nursing legacy will read--Nurse Alice, her passion, and enthusiasm help me to live the life that I always knew I deserved.

Working as a staff nurse on Lutheran Hospital’s Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center unit, I have the opportunity to care for people presenting with both alcohol and drug addictions. Positive patient outcomes give me ammunition to care for the next patient and a renewed passion for nursing. When I see smiles on faces where tears once were, I feel like I’m on Cloud 9.

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