YON 2020 Day 158: Gurpreet Adhen, RN, BSN

Having earned her nursing degree in India, Gurpreet Adhen, RN, BSN, later emigrated to the United States. She describes the many adjustments she needed to make during this transition. Gurpreet also explains her reasons for choosing to enter the profession of nursing. In doing so, she illustrates the fact that the core of nursing is the same around the globe.

In 2008, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in India and moved to the United States in 2011. My nursing journey has been distinctive. I started my career as a clinical instructor and was also designated as a lieutenant bedside nurse in the Indian army. However, my destiny had other plans as I got married and moved to the states. It was a massive cultural shift for me, moving to a place where I had to revive my career. I started working as a STNA while studying for my NCLEX exam and getting my bachelors credentials transferred. In 2015, I joined the Cleveland Clinic as a PCNA. It was a transformational decision a I learned a great deal working alongside some incredible people. I continued to develop my skill set which was immeasurably valuable in earning my Ohio Registered Nurse license in 2018. Currently I am employed at Hillcrest Hospital as a staff nurse in a neuro unit.

I became a nurse so that I could have an impact on people’s lives and have a meaningful and rewarding career. The ability to connect with the patients on such an intimate level is astonishing. Sometimes it is the little things we do for the patients that make you feel proud of this career path. It can be challenging to work long hours, however the reward of having such an influence is priceless. It is certainly a fast-paced career; you are handling multiple situations at the same time. I also enjoy working in teams where I can collaborate with my teammates. If I walk away after my shift knowing that I have eased someone’s pain, I consider this a win.

Always remember to be empathetic and give the best possible care. To aspire is to be! The sky is the limit in this profession.

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