YON 2020 Day 136: Tori Rappach, Mount Union nursing student

A senior at the University of Mount Union, Tori Rappach first learned about nursing from her mother. She is looking forwarding to graduating in May 2020 and putting that BSN into action caring for patients.

My mom is a nurse, and I grew up listening to stories about her career and began to become increasingly interested in the field of nursing. When it came time for me to decide on a career path, I felt nursing was what I was most interested in and drawn to. In the face of this current Covid-19 pandemic, nursing students, along with many others have had to deal with profound changes to their lives and their school programs. This semester I was supposed to do my senior practicum, but that along with all other in-person clinical hours were canceled. To make up those hours so I could still graduate on time, the school implemented a combination of video experiences and an interactive application “I Human” which allows students to see and interact with virtual patients.

Currently I am working as a student nursing tech at Akron City Hospital on a telemetry floor and plan to apply for an RN position on this unit upon graduation. I feel that this unit would be the best place for me to start my career, as the nursing staff have a wonderful, supportive relationship and connection with each other. I believe they would be a tremendous help to me as I’m starting out. While I have enjoyed my time as a nursing student very much and have made many last friendships and memories, I’m looking forward to graduating and practicing as a licensed nurse. In my current role I feels limited in being able to help and care for the patients as much as I’d like and I’m excited about having the ability to do more for them.

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