YON 2020 Day 127: Ashley-Estella Boyd, KSU nursing student

A graduating senior BSN student at Kent State University Geauga, Ashley-Estella Boyd is preparing to be a cardiovascular intensive care nurse at the Cleveland Clinic. She has been working on this unit for almost a year and is excited to begin her transition to a professional nurse on the unit.

Nursing is arduous, but it is definitely rewarding. Everyone I know and have met along the way is a nurse: 99.9% of my friends are nurses; some of my family members, including my mom, are nurses; my teachers and mentors are nurses. I’m surrounded by them. Nursing is something that is misunderstood by A LOT of people and it’s only recently, amid this pandemic, that people are realizing the true importance of the nursing profession. I keep my passion alive by being involved, keeping myself educated, and educating those around me. In order to get the word out and keep the profession of nursing alive in a positive manner, I will try to participate in any opportunity available associated with nursing. The world is always going to need nurses. No other profession has the skill set of a nurse and that’s important to consider.

Some advice I would give to those going into nursing is to prepare and plan accordingly. Know what you are going to do if you have to stay home and study rather than cut down your hours at work or quit your job completely. Nursing school involves sacrifices that you would never expect, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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