YON 2020 Day 125: Makenzea Briggs, KSU nursing student

Having just completed her junior year at Kent State University’s Stark campus, Makenzea Briggs is eager to begin her final year and earn her BSN degree. She reflects on the many aspects of her life that influenced her decision to be a nurse knowing that they will continue to help her grow in her chosen profession.

While attending nursing school full-time, I currently work as an emergency department technician. I am entering my senior year this fall and looking forward to graduating in May of 2021. Working in the hospital while in school has been very beneficial to me. It has allowed me to use the skills I have learned as well as have a better understanding of what I will be learning.

My position as an emergency department technician includes working as a team member with emergency department staff to provide the best care for patients and family who are in our department. This includes obtaining vitals, performing EKGs, using venipuncture to obtain bloodwork, inserting catheters, performing CPR on patients in cardiac arrest, transporting patients, and countless other tasks that help the department run smoothly. I believe this will make me a better nurse because it has allowed me to become comfortable with patient care and use the critical thinking skills that I have been taught by my nursing instructors.

One of the greatest learning experiences that has helped me is the nursing exposure I have had from a young age. My oldest sister was born with multiple congenital heart defects that required three open-heart surgeries. With the second open-heart surgery, she had a stroke that took away her ability to speak. Due to her extensive medical and physical conditions, I assist my parents in caring for her so they can continue their nursing occupations as well. My understanding of the cardiovascular system itself has been greatly influenced from seeing my sister’s condition and how it affects her daily. I am excited to see how learning about my sister’s health, being involved in a great school, and working in healthcare is preparing me for my nursing journey ahead.

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