YON 2020 Day 122: The Watson Family

The Watson Family: Cheryl Watson, BSN, RN; Chelsea Bisirri, BSN, RN; and Bobby Watson, BSN, RN

The following story was submitted by the Summa Health Chief of Protective Service, Keith Blough, in recognition of one of the Unit Directors. Chief Blough expresses his admiration for the compassion of nurses.

"I was monitoring our cameras on the main entrance when I noticed Cheryl Watson, Unit Director of 4W, approaching the entrance to meet up with a visitor. Given the current visitation restrictions, I assumed the nature of this particular visit was probably not for happy reasons. Sometime later, I went to 4W to check on the unit and when I arrived, Cheryl was in the process of doffing her PPE after leaving this visitor in the patient’s room. I asked her if she needed anything, as she appeared upset, and with tears in her eyes she informed me that the patient was dying and his wife hadn’t been able to see him face to face in months due to the nursing home and hospital visitation restrictions. Cheryl described the moment the patient opened his eyes to see his wife’s face and how he reached up to cup her face in his hands. Looking into the patient’s room, I watched as his wife was gently holding the patient’s hand and assisting him with drinking from a cup.

I was deeply moved at witnessing this emotional reunion and at the nursing care and compassion provided by Cheryl. I am often in awe and admiration of the nursing staff’s ability to perform their job duties while maintaining an unwavering sense of compassion and dignity for their patients and families. I, myself, was moved to tears by this sweet encounter and wanted to share this story with others.” - Chief Blough

Cheryl Watson is the current Unit Director of 4 West, which is a cardiac, telemetry unit. She has been a nurse for 28 years and a nursing director for the past 18 years. She is passionate about advocating for staff, patients, and families. Cheryl is actively involved in many system-wide initiatives and projects that are geared towards improving staff morale and nursing innovation.

Not only is Cheryl a wonderful role model for her employees, but she has influenced her children’s career decisions. Both of Cheryl’s children have followed in her footsteps and are also working at Summa as RNs! Cheryl, her daughter, Chelsea, and her son, Bobby, are all proud graduates of Kent State University’s School of Nursing. Chelsea Bisirri has been a nurse for four years and works on a neuro/telemetry nursing unit. Bobby Watson is celebrating his one-year nursing anniversary in May 2020 and is currently working on a respiratory medical/surgical nursing unit. Bobby was also awarded a Daisy award recently for his exceptional nursing care.

The family that heals together stays together!

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