YON 2020 Day 121: Krista Hawkins, MSN-Ed, RN

In her role as a nursing instructor on the Salem Campus of Kent State University, Krista Hawkins, MSN-Ed, RN, teaches sophomore and junior level courses, and uses simulation in the nursing skills lab to help students learn. Krista is beginning doctoral studies in Interprofessional Leadership this summer at KSU and shares thoughts on her passion and enthusiasm for nursing.

I have many opportunities to share my passion and enthusiasm for this amazing profession. Drawing from personal clinical experience in the medical/surgical field, I introduce topics such as therapeutic communication, culture, ethics, and patient education. Part of the reason I enjoy teaching at this level is that many students don’t yet realize all that professional nursing encompasses. Presenting nursing students with an array of topics related to a nursing career gives them a better appreciation for the scope of their journey and an exciting vision of their future.

Recently I had the experience of receiving excellent care from a nurse who somehow seemed familiar to me, and I, to her. After a short exchange of questions, we realized simultaneously that I had once cared for her family. Through our feelings of surprise, joy, and a few happy tears, she stated that she had been inspired by the care that I provided, which reinforced her decision to pursue a career in nursing. It is personally gratifying to have reached a point in my career where I can see my influence on the future of nursing and have the opportunity to help educate and train our nurses of tomorrow.

I am so thankful for the privilege of caring for and teaching others and for the incredible lives that have touched mine because I’m a nurse.

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