YON 2020 Day 114: Julie Tsirambidis, DNP APRN-CNP

Julie Tsirambidis, DNP, APRN-CNP, is currently serving as the Director for Advanced Practice Providers for Akron Children’s Hospital. As part of her story, she shares commentary a former colleague wrote about her, which illustrates how our daily interactions influence others.

During this unprecedented time in our modern history, I call upon my strong cultural roots, nurtured by my parents and grandparents who faced persecution for their beliefs and their ethnicity in a variety of ways. It was their unwavering internal moral compasses that drove me to succeed in education, help another, stay the course, and find my purpose. My journey in the healthcare workforce certainly has allowed me to do all of those things.

As a systems leader in a large organization, I am able to impact the profession of advanced practice nursing, as well as our physician assistants, in a way that would be otherwise unattainable if it was not for the vision of a strong team of leaders who believe all stakeholders should be at the decision-making table.

I believe that often the most impactful and meaningful influence one can have on another’s career can be accomplished in the everyday moments. My favorite Ted Talk is one entitled, “Lollipop Moment.” I share it with all of my new APPs as they onboard to our organization.

The following was written about me by a former colleague and student, and I hope this provides a glimpse into how one can impact another without even realizing!

 “I recall meeting Julie 11 years ago as a she joined the cardiothoracic surgery team as an NP. My memory of that meeting is specific due to the palpable warmth that her impression left. While working with Julie she continuously navigated the nuances of complex care for acutely ill patients with tangible grace, compassion, and clinical excellence. She embodies the principle of teamwork through engagement and education. Her clinical expertise is plainly evident in her thinking-in-action approach. Her knowledge and expert skills positively impact quality and improve the clinical environment. Her dedication to the art and advocacy of the role has elevated the professional image of nursing. Julie inspired me to become a nurse practitioner. She had invested time and effort guiding and supporting me throughout my endeavor. Without her counsel, the dream of becoming an advanced practice nurse would never have been planted, let alone realized.”

Never underestimate the value of everyday leadership. Thank you to Annie for sharing this story with me. I am beyond grateful to be an APRN.

Be well Ohio #InThisTogether #AuthenticLeadership

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