YON 2020 Day 107: Rita Lovelace, BSN, RN, CCTM

Currently working at the Cleveland Clinic Stephanie Tubbs Jones Health Center, Rita Lovelace, BSN, RN, CCTM, shares her advice with those individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing.

As I look back, choosing nursing as a career was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even though nursing has been around for years, it remains one of the most trusted professions in existence. Nursing is not just about caring for the ill. Promoting wellness while providing clear education decreases the scariness of health care and allows one to build relationships and accomplish goals. Prevention education is the key to reducing illness.

Nursing is equally challenging as it is rewarding. Although you may have a specific assignment, you never work alone. There will always be a nurse a call away, either physically or on the phone to assist. As a nurse, you will collaborate, communicate, and develop partnerships with other disciplines. You will engage with individuals from many cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. Your regular regimen will be to advocate for your patients. However, you quickly realize that you cannot want to reach a goal more than the patient does. It’s important to learn that patients must be active participants in their care.

There are many fields within the profession when you choose a career in nursing. A nurse may practice at the bedside, in a court room, doctor’s office, factory or a school, to name a few. A career as a nurse involves lifelong learning. As science advances so must your knowledge.

Nursing school can be challenging but it is achievable. Completing a nursing program is a testament of passion, hard work, and dedication to provide safe quality care. Nurses are leaders who have the courage and confidence to affect change. They encourage creativity and innovation. If you are interested in nursing as a career, I say enroll today!

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